What is Jonathan Da Lynn/ JDL

For those of you who are still getting use to this brand, JDL is me.  My given name is Jonathan Da Lynn, at the time of naming my brand I wanted something that sounded classic or high-end if you will.  Honestly, I really though my name and the way it rolled of the tough did that.  So, it was only right that I wanted to name it after myself.  However, when you thing of Jonathan Da Lynn street wear probably doesn’t really resonate with that genere of apparel.  Again, this was something I thought of when naming my brand.  As a young entrepenuer you never want to limit yourself and your creativity.  I wanted to do everything from suits to sneakers, and have basketball gyms and everything in between.  Hey, I’m just being honest.  You can acheive anything you want if you put your mind to it!  Believe it!

I’m Back


Welp it’s been awhile… to say the least.  The headwear landscape has deff changed since 2010.  Some things remain constant, but there are a lot of new comers on the block making tons of “headway”.  Pun intended.  But a lot of the things that have been introduced in the past 4 years were all ideas that I had in my head at one point in time.  If you every purchased a JDL fitted before my hiatus, then you know the one thing I hung my “hat” on was my quality.  It was a big thing for me if you were willing to spend at that time $50 on a fitted/ snapback cap I wanted you to get what you pay for.  For the people who don’t know me or my brand at all I hope to change that this year.  If you’re willing to, come along.  It’s going to be a great journey.  I know it’s short but this is just the “into” the album is being written now.  Stay tuned for release info.